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2022-2023 River Valley Sound Registration



Welcome to the 2022-2023 River Valley Sound Registration!


This registration session will allow you to sign up for participation in a winter program and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully as processes change from season to season. To complete this registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from 728 Cadets


Membership Dues

Dues for the 2022-2023 River Valley Winter Arts Season:


River Valley Sound Total Dues: $1,025


Structure of Dues for the River Valley Winter Arts Season:

$300 - Initial Payment Due at Registration. This covers the participant's $300 in Raffle Tickets to be sold by the participant.  The seller/participant keeps the money they gathered from sold tickets to help offset their season's dues.


Remainder of the season's dues can be paid at time of registration (if paying in full), else they will be divided equally across 4 months (November, January, February and March).


Any unsold tickets must be returned before the drawing is held (typically at the River Valley Winter Arts end of season banquet).  Participants can choose to write their own names or a person of their choosing on their unsold tickets for the raffle prize drawings. 


WGI Trip

We're pleased to announce this winter season will include an out-of-state WGI trip for all 3 winter arts programs!


River Valley Sound will be participating at WGI World Competitions in Dayton, Ohio.  They will perform in a preliminary round and possibly a finals round in Dayton depending on placement in the preliminary round! 


The trip dates for RVS are 4/20/2023- 4/24/2023


Students will depart on coach buses in the evening of their scheduled departure date and will travel overnight.  Please note exact itinerary is subject to change. Feel free to explore WGI's website at www.wgi.org for additional information on these competitions.


Info meetings will be held as we approach each event. If you are interested in chaperoning for one of these trips, please contact us at 728cadetsmarchingband@gmail.com

How Your MEMBERSHIP Dues Are Utilized

The cost to produce a River Valley Winter Arts/728 Cadets season exceeds the membership dues we collect.  Only through fundraising and generous donations are we able to keep the cost down for each student without sacrificing the experience they receive. 


Your membership dues along with fundraising and donations provide your student with a high quality education and experience that includes:


  • Experienced staff dedicated to improving students' music and performance skills while inspiring them to compete at a national level
  • Rehearsal and performance space for our groups
  • Top quality equipment for every member
  • Custom uniforms relating to the creative concept of their show
  • Transportation to and from select competitions in Minnesota
  • Coach busses for the out of state competitions
  • Hotel rooms/lodging for out of state competitions
  • Occasional meals throughout the season


Occasionally there may be some additional out-of-pocket expenses incurred by participants but it is our goal as an organization to have the vast majority of the costs related to the season paid through participation dues.   Examples of additional out-of-pocket expenses could be things like uniform-related items (compression under garments,  makeup, etc.)


Raffle Information

Your student will receive 30 raffle tickets that are to be sold for $10.00 each (totaling $300.00) to help offset the membership dues.  Any and all proceeds from the raffle tickets you sell you then keep as YOURS (put that money in your pocket). The proceeds from the raffle tickets you sell is NOT given back to the Winter Arts program. 


Students may only sell the 30  tickets included with their registration.  Extra tickets past their allotted 30 are not available for students to sell.


While not all tickets need to be sold, they all need to be accounted for and turned in by the raffle ticket due date!  For example, you sell 20 of your 30 tickets.  All 30 tickets stubs need to be turned in, but the 10 you did not sell you could write your name (or a person of your choosing) on the ticket to be entered into the raffle.  We cannot hold the raffle unless ALL tickets are returned so it is critical that you keep track of and return all of your tickets by the raffle ticket due date (TBD).


The drawing typically occurs at our end of season banquet and raffle ticket holders do not need to be present to win.   Prizes for this years 2022-2023 Winter Marching Arts Season are as follows:


7 - $150 winners

2- $500 winners

8 - $50 winners


1 - Grand Prize $1,000

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

In addition to the fundraising raffle, there will be opportunities for the students and volunteers to help us promote our programs through different modes of fundraising.


Some examples:

  • Donate a product or service for our Silent Auction at our Home Shows
  • Purchase River Valley Arts or 728 Cadet merchandise for yourselves, family and friends
  • Volunteer to work in concessions, merchandise booth, or silent auction at our Home Shows
  • Run an ad for your business or recognize your student in our Home Show Programs


Keep an eye out on the Band App or your inbox for details throughout the season! 


Staying in the loop

We have transitioned our method of communication with you!  Our main method of providing information and updates to families is via the BAND App. This can be utilized on any smart phone, but is also available in a desktop version for your computer!


You will be invited to join your group's Band App site after registering.   If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty joining the group please email us at 728CadetsMarchingBand@gmail.com


In addition, please stay tuned to your email, our social media, and of course the BAND app for updates on schedules, other information, and fundraising opportunities! 


If you are new to our organization and are not yet on our email contact list please send a message to 728CadetsMarchingBand@gmail.com to be added. New members are added automatically with your registration! 




Please direct questions to:

Amanda Segelstrom

728 Cadets Board President

Phone: 651-485-9858